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American Broadheads Company is famous for the world's only three bladed "Cut on Impact" broadheads with individually replaceable blades. Their philosophy is that broadheads are the huntersÍ ammunition for harvesting game. They engineer their products to be the most accurate and deepest penetrating designs on the market.

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Products 1 - 8 of 8

Each of American Broadhead CompanyÍs products is intended for specific game and archery styles. The Super Sonic Broadhead has a cutting diameter of 1 1/8î .036 blades that are 50% tougher than 420 grade stainless steel, which makes them comparable to shooting steak knives. The Super Sonic is 10x more concentric than molded heads. The true ñCut-On-Impactî design slices through bones out penetrating all others.

American Broadheads Turkey Terror 100 Grain broadhead features the company's signature replaceable three-blade design, providing a 1 3/16î cutting diameter and unstoppable turkey ñtearingî properties. Its accurate flight and massive cutting diameters, while preventing a pass through, will ensure that you wonÍt go home from the woods empty handed.

The Liberty Head Broadhead is a scaled up version of the Sonic broadhead. Proportionally the same, Liberty Heads have a cutting diameter of 1 3/16". Originally designed as an optimum head with which to hunt Bear over bait, Liberty Heads are recommended for shooting shorter distances and for lower speed traditional bow set ups. With their large cutting diameter, Liberty Heads cause extreme internal damage to game!