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Beman 3Deadringer Arrow Shafts w/G Nock UNI Bushings

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Beman 3Deadringer Arrow Shafts w/G Nock UNI Bushings

Beman 3Dead Ringer Shafts have 23-diameter super lightweight carbon. It is a precision instrument for 3D and indoor, world-class compound competition. It features high-strength carbon construction for enhanced durability in tough target materials, precise straightness, and the industry's best spine tolerances, proven UNI nock system and a variety of component weights for the right tune. Dead Ringer is the fast and forgiving path to the title.

Beman 3Dead Ringer shafts have a straightness of +/-.003 inch with black, micro smooth finish. S or G UNI Bushing are installed and have a weight tolerance of +/- 1.5 Grains. Points and nocks are sold separately.

Arrow Sizes 340 400 500
Weight (grains/inch) 8.5 7.9 7.2
RPS Point (inch)11/32 11/32 11/32

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