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Beman Pork Chop Arrow Shafts

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Beman Pork Chop Arrow Shafts

Every day millions of invaders damage crops and bring havoc across the South - tragically destroying the hard work of farmers, ranchers, and landowners. So pick up your bow and join the fight against the menace sweeping the nation with Beman Pork Chop Arrows. The ultimate hog control arrow, Pork Chop is a reduced H diameter heavy-duty carbon arrow designed to penetrate the tough hide that shields a hog's vital zone.

Beman Pork Chop Arrows have installed H-Nocks, a guaranteed straightness of +/- .005, and included ST RPS Inserts. A Broadhead Adapter Ring (BAR) is recommended if required by broadhead design.

Weight (grains/inch)RPS Point (inch)
Arrow Sizes 300 340 400 500
10.2 9.6 8.8 7.3
9/32 9/32 9/32 9/32

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