BOWMASTER Portable Bow Press G2
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BOWMASTER Portable Bow Press G2
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An all new version for 2016...Bowmaster Portable Bow Press G2 (Generation 2). The new G2 press has a 6" Jackscrew. The 6" Jackscrew has two benefits. The first is that it allows the Bowmaster Portable Bow press to be used on shorter axle to axle bows, which is even more important when using the new longer Split Limb L Brackets G2. The second benefit is that it allows for the complete tear down of bows with high pre-loaded limbs. The Bowmaster® Portable Bow Press puts all the capabilities of a full size bow press in the palm of your hand. The Bowmaster is small enough to fit easily into your belt pack or even your pocket, making it "the truly portable bow press". The Bowmaster portable bow press allows the pro shop or archer to easily replace the string or cables, install peep sights, adjust draw length, replace wheels or cams, replace the limbs or even replace the handle. Try the BowMaster Portable Bow Press G2 today.......there is no other bow press like it!

To download the Bowmaster Portable Press instruction guide click here

Detailed Description
Bowmaster Instructions
1. Insert the cable ends through the V of each limb (figure 2).
2. With the jackscrew adjusted approximately 1" out (figure 1, B), pull the cable through the adjustable end piece until there is no slack in the cable (figure 1, A).

Note: If the bow is to be completely disassembled the jackscrew will need to be started approximately 1/2" to 1" from its fully extended position.
3. Slide the cable stop (figure 1, A) completely over to the end of the slot in the adjustable cable end, making sure that it is seated properly past the indents (figure 3).

4. Inspect the cable before each use. If there is any sign of damage, such as a fray, the cable must be replaced immediately. Never use the Bowmaster with a damaged cable. Contact us directly for replacement cables..
5. Fold the leather pads supplied in half and place them in the V of each limb between the Bowmaster cable and the limb (figure 4).

CAUTION: Position the Bowmaster at least 4" from the last stop (Figure 1, C) before compressing the bow, otherwise the stop may be pulled into the cable roller resulting in damage to the cable roller and cable.
6. Turn the jackscrew clockwise until the tension is adequately removed from the sting and cable to perform the repair. The 5/8" hex head on the end of the jackscrew permits the use of a wrench or socket driver to make the job even easier.

7. When the repairs are complete, check the string and cables for proper position, then turn the jackscrew counter clockwise to restore tension to the string and cables.

!WARNING: The limbs of a compound bow are under extreme tension. Use caution while working on the bow. Keep the face of the limbs away from you at all times. Eye protection must be worn.

Note: With proper maintenance, the Bowmaster will give years of dependable service. The Jackscrew, thrust washer and cable should be kept well oiled. All- purpose or machine lubricating oil should be used. Allow the oil to penetrate into the strands of the cable before removing excess oil.

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Review On Apr 3, 2017 by Anonymous of Garden grove, CA(Verified)
 based on 0 Customer Reviews
Title: Great product
Comments: Easy and simple to use! I would recommend this product to all my friends who spend money on getting their bow restrung.

Review On Dec 24, 2016 by Anonymous of Holt, MO(Verified)
 based on 0 Customer Reviews
Title: life saver
Comments: the bow press works just like it is supposed to. I had to purchase the L brackets, since the bows I purchased for the kids had split limbs. Once I got it all together, super easy to work. This is one of those no brainer purchases that I should have bought years ago.