Doinker Platinum Adjustable Quick Disconnect 10 Degree Down
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Doinker Platinum Adjustable Quick Disconnect Angled Body - 10 Degree Down
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Doinker Platinum Quick Disconnect Angled Body -  10 Degree Down

The Doinker Platinum Adjustable Quick Disconnect 10 Degree down angle body takes QDCs to a new level of precision! Thanks to the design of the adjustable base of the Platinum QDC you will no longer have a hard time keeping the Quick Disconnect hole perfectly vertical when installing.

Bolt on the base as tight as you desire, slide the Platinum QDC body on and align it anyway you want up to 360 degrees, then just tighten four 1-4 x 20 set screws down and you are good to go.

Quick Disconnect allows you to attach, remove or change your stabiliser with a fast and easy quarter turn. With no moving parts you will never need to use a hex wrench again to remove your stabiliser from your bow.

The Platinum Adjustable Quick Disconnect stays tight and secure and will not vibrate loose. Works with all stabilisers.

For attachment or removal of your stabiliser with just a quarter turn - easy on when shooting your bow and easy off when storing your bow in your bow case.

The Platinum Adjustable Quick Disconnect 10 degree down angle body weighs just 0.8 oz.


  • Indexed base
  • Bolt
  • Angle body with 4 set screws
  • Stainless steel stud


  • Degree: 10
  • Alignment is anyway you want 360 degrees
  • Does not include QDC Quick Disconnect Part (Sold Separately)
  • Please click HERE to Order the Quick Disconnect

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