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Easton Carbon BowFire Black Arrow Shafts

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Easton Carbon BowFire Black Arrow Shafts

Easton Carbon BowFire Black Arrow Shafts are fast and easy to tune, the high speed, light-weight, visually striking Bowfire brings the toughness of Easton carbon to a whole new level with our full-length graphic Bowfire. Bowfire uses standard diameter 8-32 components for compatibility with your favorite broadheads and nock systems. Bowfire features three sizes for an ideal tune with most hunting rigs. Ignite your bow hunting passion with Bowfire.

Easton Carbon BowFire Black Arrow Shafts have a pre-installed S Nock and CB inserts are included (One-size CB Insert fits all shaft sizes). They have detailed graphic overlay carbon with a micro-smooth finish and a guaranteed straightness of +/-.003 inch.

Size Shaft Weight Spine @ 28 inch Span Stock Length S Nock CB Insert RPS Point Broadhead Adapter Ring
GPI Deflection in inches Inches Grains Grains O.D. Inches Size (5 Grains)
480 7.5 0.480 29.50 13 21 9/32 Bar-7
400 8.5 0.400 31.00 13 21 9/32 Bar-8
330 9.6 0.330 31.50 13 21 9/32 Bar-8

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