Easton Tribute Arrow Shafts - Dozen Pack

Pack Size: One Dozen

Price Range:   $45.95
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Easton Tribute Arrow Shafts

Easton XX75 Tribute Shafts are durable, accurate, and economical. Tribute is the stepping stone to high performance for any beginning or shorter draw lighter poundage archer.

Easton XX75 Tribute Shafts have 7075 aerospace alloy and a hard-anodized black finish with a guaranteed straightness of +/- .005. They have a weight tolerance of +/- 2% and strength (PSI) of 90,000. Easton XX75 Tribute Shafts have ground nock swage.

Shaft sizes are 1214, 1413, 1416, 1516, 1616, 1716, 1816, 1916, 2016, and components are sold separately.

 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
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   Easton Tribute Arrows Shafts, November 9, 2015  By Donald A Ambeau (Scottsville, NY)
These arrows are exactly as described. I made a dozen target arrows and they all are the consistent with weight, length, and straightness. I use a 125 gr. field point and just love them.
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