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Field Logic IQ Mirco 7 Pin Bow Sight with Retina Lock

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Field Logic IQ Mirco 7 Pin Bow Sight with Retina Lock

The IQ Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology has archers shooting longer distances and tighter groups than ever before. Now featuring micro adjustment control and .019 fiber optic pins for even greater accuracy and precision. Retina Lock instant feedback Technology controls muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing you to shoot longer distances with tighter groups.

If shooters torque their bows, or their anchor point is off, even a 1/4 inch, the shot can be off more than 10 inches at 40 yards. The IQ Micro Bowsight will increase your effective shooting range by 20 yards or more and increase your confidence.

IQ Micro Bowsight Features

  • Retina Lock Technology
  • Micro Adjust Windage & Elevation Knobs
  • Tool-Free Locking Knobs
  • Built-in Sight Level
  • IQ Rheostat Sight Light (sold separately)
  • .019 Pins
  • Adjustable 2nd Axis
  • Stack Tight Pins
  • Available in Right & Left Hand

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