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Hot Shot X-Tacy Back Tension 3 Finger Release
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Hot Shot X-Tacy Back Tension 3 Finger Release

Winning shots don't come easily, and when it comes to shootability nothing rivals the Hot Shot X-tacy. The ergonomically correct, three and four finger handles feature critical surface area on the inside. This eliminates pinch points, for comfortable shooting through every end of a weeknight league or while toeing the line in Vegas. Because of its sleek and streamlined design, the X-tacy can be held deep in the hand or further out on your fingers while still remaining comfortable eliminating numb and tingling fingers, even after hours of shooting.

The X-tacy's unique Patent Pending Bow Tie Moon features three click speeds designed to fit the energy level and style of any shooter. Swift adjustment of the moon is accomplished by a single set-screw making easy work of dialing the X-tacy in for 10-ring repeatability.
Serious archers understand that their influence during release can make or break a round- That's why spotties and 3-D shooters alike will appreciate the X-tacy's super-crisp firing mechanism.

Number of Fingers: 3, 4

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