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InnerLoc Deep Slice Broadheads 3 Blade 100 Grain
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InnerLoc Deep Slice Broadheads 3 Blade 100 Grain

Our new Deep Slice is the first broadhead designed from the ground up to maximize the potential of the Injexion arrows and Deep Six components. This patent pending design features a hardened stainless steel base that will remain bullet proof even with the smaller size of the new standard. Matching tapers on the front of the new base and inside of the body join for a precise fit and alignment. The tip passes through the body securing the blades the same as earlier Center Locking System broadheads. Only now the tip threads into the front of the base. This results in a new Blade Alignment Technology because you can simply align the blade assembly prior to tightening the tip. Two way compression happens as the tip is tighten, one tightens the blades into the assembly. Tapers of the base and body are simultaneously secured locking your newly set blade orientation.

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Review On Aug 29, 2015 by Anonymous of Elk town
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Title: Innerloc deep 6
Comments: Killed several elk and last year my first elk. First deer I shot went thru both shoulders and stuck in the dirt on the other side. Double lunged a elk at about 6 yards. Made a complete pass thru and never found my arrow. At 50/60 yards they fly with my field point. Ready to put them in another elk come sept! Good solid broadhead