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James Valley Wall Hanger Gel Dominant Buck Lure

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James Valley Wall Hanger Gel Dominant Buck Lure

When bucks start to become more visible and you notice bucks "sparring" and starting to open up scrapes, Wall Hanger starts to work very well. Wall Hanger contains buck urine, estrous urine, buck and doe glands and musks that really excite those old "wall hangers".A top lure to open or freshen scrapes or to position bucks at treestand locations.

Start using Wall Hanger 4-5 weeks before the peak of the rut in your area.

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Review On Nov 17, 2015 by erick of parkers prairie, MN
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Title: Maybe good?
Comments: inconclusive as far as I could figure out, the "RUT" was already over by the time I heard of this stuff, did not see anything follow my trail I had put on bottoms of my boots, did however notice the next day the nice tracks that followed a hundred yards on the way to "BUCK" stand the next morning, kept him interested for a little while, next on!