Nature Blinds Hero Tree Blind
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Nature Blinds Hero Tree Blind
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Nature Blinds Hero Tree Blind
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The Hero Tree Blind...The ultimate hunting blind... ultra-realistic and supersized for maximum effectiveness and extreme comfort! Once you hunt from a Nature Blinds Hero Tree Blind, you'll never go back!
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Nature Blinds Hero Tree Blind

Sure, we've all been there. Sitting in a blind made of plywood in the dead of winter, our teeth chattering so loud we’re certain the deer can hear them.

Freeze no more. The Nature Blindes HERO™ tree blind is a fully insulated blind that will keep you hidden from both the deer and the elements. Aesthetically, it completely fools the eye with no right angles, no straight lines, and nothing appearing man-made. Our real bark textured surfaces look and feel like the real thing down to the smallest details.

The Hero Tree Blind from Nature Blinds features tall ceilings (like 84 inches tall!) and an interior area of 64 inches by 60 inches, giving you plenty of room to draw your bow or maneuver your firearm.

The Hero Tree Blind is Fully Carpeted!

There are a whopping SEVEN vertical windows so you can get that perfect shot.

The Hero Tree Blind also has a Door that is very quiet opening and closing AND fully locks!

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