RipCord Ace Micro Fall Away Arrow Rest

RipCord Ace Micro Fall Away Arrow Rest

Don't just tune, fine-tune! Do not underestimate the amazing advantage of micro-adjustability! Borrowed from target archery, the ability to micro-adjust your rest up/down or left/right will allow you to fine-tune your bow wile others merely tune theirs. The difference will astound you. 
 The Best RipCord Ever! Do not underestimate the amazing advantage of Micro Adjustability!
-DoubleDown break- the first dual breake system that ensures no launcher bouneback
-Ultra-SlimLine Launcher holds any arrow, wont touch vanes
-Right Time fall-away perfectly tunes launcher fall-away
-ThumbCock Launcher- load your arrow and cock the rest with one hand.
-Adjustable offset containment arm wont interfere with arrow
-Fulltime Arrow Containment- your arrow will always be contained 
-Soft, rubber over-molding eliminates need for excess moleskin
-Posi-Lock mounting arm locks up aginst the back of riser
-FireFall Design- The launcher falls only when you fire, not when you let down
-100% external Outboard Cord eliminates cord wear

Available in Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Red and Purple!! 
Price Range:   $149.95
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RipCord Ace Micro Arrow Rest

The New RipCord ACE Micro arrow rest represents a quantum leap in fall-away rest design thanks to hundreds of hours of testing using high-speed camera footage. This footage resulted in fall-away arrow Rest optimization, something available only on the RipCord ACE Micro Fall Away Arrow Rest. ACE is also the first micro-adjustable fall-away rest to offer micro-adjustability and a "narrow" hunting launcher. Micro-adjustability allows you to fine-tune rest position like never before. You won't believe how well you will shoot! The narrow hunting launcher is an innovation that dramatically increases vane clearance. And, ACE stays up when you let down to offer 100% arrow containment. 

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 2 Customer Reviews  
   Awesome as expected, January 23, 2017  By Les Van Pelt (Post Falls, ID)(Verified)
This is my second ripcord and is doing it's job perfectly.
   Ripcord Ace, August 19, 2016  By Jeff Stauffer  (Port Angeles, WA)
I love this arrow rest enough that it's coming to Africa with me in 3-weeks. Easy to mount and a piece of cake to adjust; it only took a few arrows to get my 20-yards back to normal and I was off to the outdoor range. Highly recommended.
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