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Specialty Archery Pro Series Aluminum Scope Silver

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Specialty Archery Pro Series Aluminum Scope Silver

The Pro Series Aluminum Scope features a easy-change modular system. The housing is machined aluminum for light weight and durability. The scope incorporates a precision 2nd axis leveling system, and is perfect for indoor competitions. Loosen locking screw and rotate the portion holding the level so shots show the same left-right impact points at all ranges. The scope is easier to use than the 2nd axis adjustments on the scope mounting block. It is so precise it can compensate for wind drift. Instructions show how many marks you should move the rear of the housing to produce the needed change of impact at different ranges.

The Pro Series Aluminum Scope along with Excalibur Lenses continue to be a dominate force in target archery. With Super Scope, the benchmark for accuracy and durability has been set. The winning results confirm exactly what our research data has proven, that a scope with a quality lens and adequate light projects a clearer and brighter image.

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