Truball HBX Honey Badger X Release - 3 Finger - Brass

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Truball Honey Badger X Release - 3 Finger - Brass

The Truball Honey Badger X Release is a new concept created by the Honey Badger, Reo Wilde, himself. It is a new design with a half moon and Reo calls it a true back tension release. It has a removable trigger that can be replaced with a post, like typical back tension releases have. This release will improve archers shooting because it eliminates any tension that the index finger makes, but yet it still has the same feel as a regular back tension release. It pivots and almost pulls apart from the middle of the release giving archers the ability to essentially pull the release apart. For a more in depth description, check out Reo Wilde's video below!

It is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Truball Releases Honey Badger Claw X
 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 4 Customer Reviews  
   Tru Ball HBS, October 4, 2015  By Martin Vezzuto (Brooklyn, NY)
This is by far the best release I have ever owned. The adjustability is awsome. I've been shooting for over 50 years. Finally a release that's easy to adjust and use many ways. Great release
   Wonderful product, September 29, 2015  By Reinhard Brodesser (Holley, NY)
This is my 2nd purchase. Liked the 1st so well that I got the 2nd one. This is a hard release to shoot, and that's what makes it so good. You cannot anticipate it firing. Fit and finish are excellent. Makes all my other releases feel cheap.
   TRU Ball HBX, August 24, 2015  By Mark Nasi (Calgary)
Finally a product with some thought behind it and not just another redesign. Great release.
   Best of all worlds, August 20, 2015  By Ryan Brodesser (Holley, NY)
Got he my HBX 2 weeks ago, and after a bit tweaking started shooting very well with it. Very comfortable in the hand, and confidence building accuracy. Well done Tru-ball.
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