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TruBall Releases Center X-G1 Buckle

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TruBall Releases Center X-G1 Buckle

A legend in the making, the TruBall Center X series of wrist strap releases completes the T.R.U. Ball Release lineup with one of the most technologically advanced line of archery releases to ever hit the industry! All of the finest adjustments found in TruBall's handheld tournament Absolute Three-Sixty, Boss X, and ST360X releases can now be found in the T.R.U. Ball Center X series of fully micro-adjustable wrist strap releases. With individual micro adjustment screws for the sensitivity and travel, setting the release precisely where you want is a problem no more.

The Center X-G1 features the tubular style "globo-swivel" connection to the wrist strap.

The G1 models include a forward trigger to provide increased arrow speed by increasing bow draw length.

The TRU Ball Center X series of releases feature an open hook style connection to the D-Loop for fast and accurate attachment. The new flip sear internal trigger mechanism allows for some of the lightest trigger settings under any bow weight. Simply cock the lever on the side to activate the hook, draw the bow and pull the trigger. Available in a black anodized head, with a camo Velcro strap, a black buckle strap, or with the speed buckle connection.

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