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VaporTrail LimbDriver Pro V Mathews Tactical

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VaporTrail LimbDriver Pro V Mathews Tactical

The Pro-V revolutionized the archery industry by becoming the first ever limbdriven rest with a full-capture option, an adjustable spring tension, and free-floating launcher arm. By supporting the arrow for around 70% of the shot cycle, the Pro-V allows the arrow to reach the speed needed to stabilize itself before being pulled away, adding an obvious increase in accuracy and performance, especially downrange. During this support, the free-floating launcher arm and adjustable spring-tension pair up allowing the archer to fine-tune the performance even further to their liking.

Continuing to utilize these groundbreaking features, the 2013 has become even QUIETER by increasing the size of the rubber dampener, making it absolutely unbeatable!!! The Pro-V is available in a variety of custom launcher arm colors, and look for the addition of a variety of camo pattern options soon! Designed exclusively for Mathews bows, our Mathews-specific Pro-V features a Mathews-only mounting bracket, as well as a sleek high-definition Lost Camo, attractively completing your bowhunting setup.


  • Color: Tactical

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