Wasp Broadheads Drone Deep 6 100 Grain Steel
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Wasp Broadheads Drone Deep 6 100 Grain Steel
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Wasp Broadheads Drone Deep 6 100 Grain Steel

With the Wasp Broadheads Drone at the end of an arrow, bowhunters no longer have to compromise. The solid-steel ferrule of this fixed-blade broadhead allows for a reduced surface area delivering unsurpassed results in accuracy, strength and penetration. The Wasp Drone features a brawny ferrule, which when combined with WaspBroadheads exclusive Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and legendary blades, creates The Ultimate Broadhead!.The pressed-on tip, always aligned with the blades, roars through bone and cartilage and creates a straight-cutting path for the blades to follow, leaving devastation in the wake of its 1-1/8î cutting diameter. After shooting this accurate fixed-blade broadhead, you just might be saying, "I wish my field tips were as accurate as my Drone."

Comes in a 3-pack that includes 2 sets of replacement blades.
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