Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Attention Wicked Ridge Crossbows Customers!

Wicked Ridge has introduced a safety-engineered new stock featuring a pass-through fore-grip with elongated glass-reinforced nylon safety wings positioned above it. Wicked Ridge uses the new design on the Raider CLS and a substantially upgraded Invader G3 that is narrower, lighter, and faster than its Invader HP predecessor.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows has added two versions of a new model called the Ranger. Wicked Ridge Crossbows engineered it for small-framed shooters of all ages and genders. Its physical weight, overall size, and scaled down length-of-pull are perfect for hunters that have difficulty handling a standard-size crossbow.

The second version is a Wicked Ridge Crossbows Lady Ranger, which will come decorated in Muddy Girl camo. While the size of these models is scaled down, and they are very light at less than six pounds, their performance is not scaled down. They shoot their supplied carbon arrow at 300 feet-per-second. They are clearly high performance hunting crossbows.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows continues to impress. Fast, durable, accurate, and dependable, they offer the best value of any crossbow on the market today.

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