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Winn Archery Loop Hook Release

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Winn Archery Loop Hook Release

Hook is exposed and unobstructed making it very easy to load. Used by tens of thousands, never a worry about slipping out of the loop. Because the mechanism is held in tight on the hand, it allows you to get the absolute most out of your draw length. This is important, especially when using a loop on your serving. When compared to other typical release aids the Free Flight has the advantage of allowing you to discount the already added length of the loop. Long gun style trigger is easy to feel even with a cold weather glove on your hand. Adjustable trigger pull and travel. Buffed and polished jaw. The Free Flights glove design along with the grip and confidence factor will give you 10-15 lbs. less felt draw weight.Very heavy draw or light draw weight you will feel the difference.Camo gloves are made of 8 oz. leather covered with reinforced Cordura. Quality tough materials that keep the glove from stretching season after season. Custom fit to your hand size - Not a one size fits all release.

Dexterity: Right or Left Hand. Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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