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Axcel Archery Achieve Compound XL Target Sight without Damper

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Axcel Archery Achieve Compound XL Target Sight without Damper

The Achieve CXL is an Axcel tournament sight with added features, designed specifically for compound bows. The Achieve compound version contains a superior Windage Dovetail Guide System, replacing inferior twin-dowel guide systems. The CXL includes the "VTSL" (Variable Tension System with Lock) a new adjustment system where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting with an added lock feature most commonly used in single distance tournaments). The Achieve compound sights have aluminum extension bars available without the Mathews Harmonic Damper in 6 and 9 inch versions, and 6 and 9 inch carbon bars. The Achieve compound versions provide 2.875 inches of elevation adjustment, and are among the lightest most durable all aluminum/carbon target sights on the market.


  • New and imiproved knobs for added grip
  • Windage Dovetail Guide System - replaces inferior twin-dowel guide systems
  • VTS (Veriable Tension System)-elevation travel tension adjustment
  • 2.875 inches of elevation adjustment
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