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Axcel Archery Achieve Compound X Target Sight with Carbon Bar

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Axcel Archery Achieve Compound X Target Sight with Carbon Bar

The Achieve CX is an Axcel tournament sight with added features, designed specifically for compound bows. The Achieve compound version contains a superior Windage Dovetail Guide System, replacing inferior twin-dowel guide systems. The CX includes the "VTS" (Variable Tension System) that provides a new adjustment system where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting. The Achieve compound versions provide 2.875 inches of elevation adjustment, and are among the lightest most durable all aluminum/carbon target sights on the market.


  • New and imiproved knobs for added grip
  • Windage Dovetail Guide System - replaces inferior twin-dowel guide systems
  • VTS (Veriable Tension System)-elevation travel tension adjustment
  • 2.875 inches of elevation adjustment
  • Carbon Bar Features:

    • Design cut outs to provide less wind deflection
    • Eye-Appealing carbon woven material
    • Vibration Absorption
    • Material Stiffness
    • High Strength-to-Weight Ration

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