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StarrFlight Archery FOB Micro, Fletching Only - 12 Pack

StarrFlight Archery FOB - Fletching Only Better!
The FOB is a single part that replaces any type of three of four fletched arrows, either vanes or feathers that are normally applied to arrow shafts.  FOB's are held in place with the nock that comes with your arrows.  FOB's are designed to be used with fall away rests and carbon arrows only!
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StarrFlight Archery FOB Micro

The FOB's Ring Wing: 70% reduced cross wind drift with increased stability at any speed. The Positive Force Spinfins provide consistent spin every time allowing for easy tuning. Even with the biggest broadheads! The FOB's Super Tough HubPop Off design for quick pass throughs and increased penetration. The Air Foil leading edge is made to exacting specification for consistant repeatable shots.
  • Every Arrow flies the same
  • Like an airplane wing, the faster the FOB flies, the greater the force.
  • This force is equally applied at all points around the wing producing enormous stabilizing forces without increasing the drag.
  • Because the ring wing is only 1/2" long, it is virtually unaffected by crosswinds
  • Because the FOB does not deform in flight, chatter (which robs speed) and wobble is eliminated

StarrFlight FOBS

Micro FOBs are designed for use with ALL Victory VAP?s, Easton Injections, Muddy H1?s. For use with f/g nock arrows (Internal Diameter 0.165 +/-) -NO-unibushings.

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