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QAD Ultra Rest Patriot Arrow Rest

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QAD Ultra Rest Patriot Arrow Rest

Don't miss out on this Limited Edition ULTRAREST Patriot

We are so thankful for our soldiers that have sacrificed so much for our freedom. In honor of our troops QAD have designed this limited edition Patriot rest. QAD will donate $5 for every Patriot rest to an organization that supports our wounded soldiers. With this rest you will not only shoot the best rest but you will shoot in honor of our troops. Thanks to all our soldiers and God bless, you are in our thoughts and prayers at QAD and Eagle Archery.

Each rest is designed, manufactured and assembled from start to finish by the hands of hard working Americans which have helped build its reputation as the leading arrow rest in the industry.

QAD Ultra Rest arrow rests include a combination of innovative features you will not find in any other rest. Each rest is held to precise tolerance specifications and put through strict quality control before leaving our facility.

All of our rests include:

  • FULL ARROW CONTAINMENT-The arrow can never fall off the rest, even at slow let down!
  • DROP AWAY/TOTAL FLETCHING CLEARANCE-The launcher drops away, giving total fletching clearance for the fastest, most accurate shot possible!
  • EZ CABLE CLAMP-Quick, easy setup and in the field adjustment.
  • BREAK-AWAY SAFETY FEATURE-It is common for competits rests to become damaged if the bow is fired after an improper setup. The Break-Away Safety Feature is designed to protect the QAD Ultra-Rest and archer in case a mishap occurs.
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