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PSE Phenom DC Compound Bow

Price Range:   $699.99
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PSE Phenom DC Compound Bow

At PSE, we know you want to break your opponents, not the bank. So we stepped up to the challenge of delivering a unique bow at a unique price and got the job done! The Phenom DC is the ultimate bow for savvy target shooters on a budget. With its X-Technology, pivoting limb pockets, Planar Flex riser, and Raptor grip, shooting the Phenom is an incredibly forgiving and accurate experience at a phenomenal price.

ATA/IBO Speed 328-320 fps
Brace Height 7-1/4"
handedness Left, Right
Axle to Axle 36?
Letoff 75%
color Black, Blue, Red
Draw Length Range 27-1/2" to 33"
draw length 29?
Mass Weight 4.3 lbs
draw weight 40#, 50#, 60#
Max. Limb Bolt Turns 11

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