Hips Archery Targets Grizzly Pro Series
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Hips Archery Targets Grizzly Pro Series
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Hips Archery Targets Grizzly Pro Series

1. Ultimate Shooting
« 18" x 18" x 16" Big!
« 6-sided shooting surface
« 66% more than 2-Sided targets
« 33% more than 4-Sided targets
« Light! Only 10 lbs.

2. Crossbow Tough. Added layers of Hipsê high density foam combines enhanced stopping power with self-healing properties that provide easy arrow removal for today's high-performance crossbows and vertical bows. The best crossbow target on the market today!

3. Lightweight Design. The Pro Series Targets are a fraction of the weight of comparable archery targets on the market. This means the Grizzly Targets are not only more durable and longer lasting, but also provide phenomenal stopping power for todayês high-speed compound bows.

4. Heat Welded Layers. Every Hips Archery Target has multiple 2-inch thick layers of variable density foam and are put through an advanced heat-welding process that fuses the layers vertically, not horizontally, into a single arrow stopping unit.

5. True 6 Sided Shooting. Each side of a Hips Archery Target is designed for maximum arrow stopping power! Each side of the Hips Target is printed with targets and game options to enhance your archery shooting practice.

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